• Discount= Buy 10 classes for $108
    1 hr
    108 US dollars
  • Learn what pH is, why it is important for health and how to balance it
    20 US dollars
  • Come and learn how yoga and herbs can help to balance hormones!
    2 hr
    40 US dollars
  • Ayurveda is the "Science of Life". Come and learn about its benefits.
    40 US dollars
  • Learn about Panchakarma & Shatkarma the Ayurvedic cleansing practices.
    40 US dollars
  • Learn about Raw Food and how it may be beneficial to your health!
    40 US dollars
  • Learn about Superfoods and how to incorporate them into your life.
    40 US dollars
  • This workshop explores the many virtues of native plants.
    60 US dollars
  • Learn about how your breath is the link to good health!
    Starts Sep 17
    250 US dollars
  • Learn the amazing health benefits of Fermenting!
    40 US dollars
  • Learn how Ayurveda can be incorporated into your diet for health!
    40 US dollars
  • Abhyanga is an ancient Ayurvedic practice of self massage with oils.
    40 US dollars