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The Mindfulness Through Art Project

The Mindfulness Through Art Project is centered around the concept that art can help people attain more mental clarity and peace within themselves by making and viewing art. All medias of art are supported. Art shows will be displayed at Pure Earth Yoga and Wellness Center, LLC and around the world. 20% of the profits from art sold in the art show will go to support children around the world that are in need of supplies for art, education and health.


This is a group of Beautiful children from a school in rural Bali. We provided them with art supplies and a space to create in January of 2020. they had never made art before. Thanks to the generous proceeds of our donors and purchased art, they were able to make these beautiful artworks.

"Art is a form of communication that allows one to speak when they had no voice"

If you would like to Support the Mindfulness Through Art Project Contact us to make a donation of art supplies.
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