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Iridology Health Assessments

Iridology Health Assessments are given by Dr. Melissa Machnee, ND. She has studied many holistic practices all around the world and is very passionate about healing holistically. She uses Iridology which is an ancient practice that helps one understanding their genetic pre-disposition. Each eye is unique. By understanding our genetic nature, one can use holistic methods to help themselves maintain a healthier life. Dr. Machnee also uses other holistic approaches to help educate you to help attain optimum health.


Online and In Person sessions available.


$70 per one hour session

Book Today:

Online through our book and pay tab, through our app or contact us by email at or call us at (734)218-3822.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at: or download our app and message us!

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