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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program



8 weekends over 5 months

Saturday, June 29th & Sunday, June 30th, 7am-8pm

Saturday, July 13th & Sunday, July 14th, 7am-7pm

Saturday, July 27th & Sunday, July 28th, 7am-7pm

Saturday, August 10th & Sunday August 11th, 7am-7pm

Saturday, August 24th & Sunday, August 25th (Ayurveda Weekend), 7am-7pm

Saturday, September 7th & Sunday, September 8th (Meditation Weekend), 7am-7pm

Saturday, September 21st & Sunday, September 22nd (Pranayama Weekend), 7am-7pm

Saturday, October 5th & Sunday, October 6th, 7am-7pm

Saturday, October 19th & Sunday, October 20th (Make-up Weekend), 7am-7pm

New Moon on Friday, November 1st (Graduation)!

*40 hours of online classes are scheduled in-between in-person classes*

Program Information

Who this program is for?

This program is for the yoga lover, yoga teacher aspirant or those that are just looking to better themselves as a whole. Whatever your interest, be sure that this program is designed for everyone; young, old, middle-aged, disabled, able, black, white, latinx, male, female, transgender, tall, short, overweight, underweight, healthy or just not sure where you fit in. We have designed this program so that all students will have an opportunity to learn more about themselves as a whole and support their journey to better health. We limit our class sizes so that all students will have an opportunity to interact individually with an instructor as needed.


What is a Hybrid Program?

Hybrid means that this program will take place in person as well as online. There will be 160 hours of in-person study (see schedule for meeting dates), and 40 hours will be scheduled live online. If students cannot meet during the scheduled live online content, they can view the recordings with a follow-up quiz.


What's the Programs Focus?

This program focuses on Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation and Ayurveda. Whole weekends will be dedicated and immersed into each topic. The history and practical elements of Hatha yoga will be taught from a traditional perspective with emphasis on alignment of postures and theoretical elements behind the practice as a whole. Since Yin Yoga is a more modern modification of yoga, we will delve into the practical and theoretical elements as well as why it is such a helpful practice for western society. Anatomy, philosophy and history are very important elements to this program. These topics will primarily be taught in the online section of the program while the practical elements of the anatomy classes will take place during in-person sessions. Sequencing, how to teach a class and create a safe and comfortable environment for your students will also be covered to help support the students ability to safely and effectively teach a yoga class after they graduate. Upon successful completion of the full 200 hours of this program, and after registering with the Yoga Alliance as a RYT 200, students will be able to safely and effectively teach a yoga class anywhere in the world that they choose.


Cost of Program:

This program costs $2,900 US Dollars

We accept Cash, Check or Charge of major credit cards.

(A payment plan is offered through PayPal with the 'Pay Monthly' program. This is a program that is offered independently through PayPal outside of Pure Earth Yoga and Wellness Center, LLC. You can access PayPal when you pay for the program and set it up through your PayPal account.) 


What is included into this program?

This program is inclusive of 160 hours of in person study as well as 40 hours of online classes. There will be one weekend set aside toward the end of the program to make-up any missed classes. If students are unable to meet the 200 required hours that is required by the Yoga Alliance, they will not be able to receive their credential from the Yoga Alliance as a RYT 200.


This program will take place at the Historic Jerome Community Building in Jerome, Michigan. This has been the home to Pure Earth Yoga and Wellness Center, LLC for 10 years. The indoor studio is in the walk-out basement that overlooks the beautiful pavilion and luscious park. 



Students are encouraged to camp with their own tent on the grounds of the facility. This will help to ensure that students are on time and have ample time to rest before and after classes. Camping will also help immerse students into the beautiful nature around them. There is plenty of space and green grass to accommodate each student. Indoor and outdoor bathrooms are available on site for students to use. There is no fire pit available, however, some kitchen amenities will be available. 



Breakfast, lunch and a light dinner will be served each day of scheduled class for all participants in the program. A strict vegetarian diet will be served and recommended for all students to help immerse them into the principles of a yogic lifestyle. Student dietary and allergy concerns should be addressed with the lead instructor before the program begins so that proper preparation can be made for them.


Please feel free to email Dr. Melissa at

Or Call her at (734)218-3822 (If she doesn't pick-up, please leave a message and she will get back to you soon.

Meet Your Instructor

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