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Reiki Level 1 Certification

The technique of Reiki Healing is easy to learn. The basis of learning of Reiki is not dependent on acquired ability or individual talent, instead, it depends upon the strong determination of a learner. 

Students will learn the practical elements of Reiki and get an attunement with Dr. Melissa. This course will also use crystals with reiki to help emphasize and protect the practitioners. Students will learn about the different healing properties that are available with different stones and how to use them. Students will also learn about the chakras and how to attune and become aware of each chakra.

Dr. Melissa Machnee, ND is a Certified Reiki Master. She received her Reiki training at the Maayaa International School of Healing in Rishikesh, India.

Cost is only $250

Contact us for more information:


Call: 1(734)218-3822

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