-Specials and Introductiory Offer-
 1st Yoga Class & Specials $5

FREE Meditation Classes   

-Drop-in Yoga Classes- 

@ The Jerome Community Building $10

-Pre-paid Programs- 

@ The Jerome Community Building
10 classes = $90 
(You end up paying $9 a class and save $10)
*Expires 12 months from payment


-Private Yoga Sessions-

1 hour yoga session for one person = $50 

(add $10 for each additional participant)

Yoga Classes and Practices



Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is our slowest and most gentle class offered. If you are looking to wind down from a busy lifestyle or maybe you are recovering from a trauma, this is the class for you, guaranteed! Everyone is welcome to this class!

Traditional Hatha

Yoga Flow

Hatha Yoga literally means Sun/moon. The left side of the body is the moon and linked with the mind. The right side of the body is the sun and linked with the physical body. Traditional yoga poses are practiced to balance the mind/body connection.

Private Yoga Classes

Private yoga sessions are available in your home or other available space upon request. Please contact Melissa Machnee for more details at

Yin Yoga Class

Yin yoga is designed to target the connective tissues, including the fascia, tendons and ligaments of the body. Poses are held for longer periods of time to help relieve tension and stress without muscular exertion. Yin yoga has a Taoist history that focuses on passive energy instead of active Yang energy.

Peaceful Meditation

Meditation is more successful with Pranayama (Breathing Techniques). This meditation class begins with Pranayama to help the practitioner get a more relaxing and comfortable meditation. Students will learn different breathing techniques that help to cleanse the body and help you attain a better meditation practice.

Gentle Hatha

Yoga Flow

This class is designed for seniors or for those that prefer a very easy yoga flow. It is designed to be very gentle and relaxing. There are no age limits!


The Breath is the link of life. Without the breath, there is no life. Prana= Vital life force, Yama= Control. Control your life force and discover your breath. You can increase your energy, stability and peace with only the breath.

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